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The Fee is currently being waived.

At Connect CU, we understand that there are times you need a little extra cash for a special occasion or an unforeseen expense. That’s why we’re offering Skip-A-Payment.

I have carefully reviewed and understand the restrictions listed below.*

Interest will continue to accrue on the skipped payment(s) and no late charge or penalty will be assessed. This election will result in an extension of the loan maturity date, the number of total payments and the total interest on the loan.

You must accept and submit this request at least five (5) business days prior to the payment due date to allow time to stop any payments that are made by ACH.

Please complete one application for every loan for which you wish to skip. For instance, if you have an auto loan and a credit card, please submit one request to skip the payment on the auto loan and submit a second request to skip a credit card payment.

Applicable Loans

Credit Cards- Credit Card payments for the current month will be advanced one (1) month

Vehicle Loans & Personal Loans- Payments will be skipped for one (1) month

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) Loans - Please contact us

*Restrictions: Skip-A-Payment does not apply to real estate loans, or No Credit Check Loans. Loans opened within the last six (6) months are not eligible for a Skip-A-Payment offer. The loan account must be current and in good standing to apply. Loans cannot have any previous modifications granted or had a Skip-A-Payment granted in the last 6 mos.

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